Instrument Training

In order to exercise the full benefits of your Private Pilot Certificate, the next step is to become an Instrument pilot.

You will no longer have to cancel your plans because of clouds and weather. Just like our Private Pilot course, our Instrument Pilot course is uniquely tailored to meet the new standard required for flying technically advanced aircraft. For variety and flexibility, we offer instrument training in the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 models, which feature Garmin Perspective Plus with Garmin 1000 flight displays.


IFR Training

This is a must if you want to make it even easier and more enjoyable to get in and out of New York Airspace. Our Instrument Pilot syllabus has been created by us to give you the most comprehensive and structured training available. You will work through all required modules as you move through the 5 stages of instrument training. Starting with the first stage of Basic Aircraft Control you will move onto Tracking Navigational Courses, DME Arcs, and Holding Patterns. It's then onto Instrument Approach and Missed Approach Procedures followed by Instrument Cross Country Flight. Your final stage will be Checkride Preparation. Each module has a benchmark for completion so you and your instructor will always know where you are in your training phase and what goals will be set moving forward.

As you move through your training you will develop confidence flying in clouds and the IFR system as you learn aircraft control, aircraft systems, procedures, regulations, and most importantly weather. All of our instructors have thousands of hours of flight experience. They incorporate scenario-based training built on real world experiences. It is through this type of training where you will develop good judgment and proper aeronautical decision making (ADM) skills. You will be exposed to anything and everything that can happen in Instrument Meteorological Conditions flying and at the end of your training have a new sense of confidence to fly in IMC situations.

“We truly challenge our pilots, our students, and our renters to go outside the area, to travel to different airports, see different weather patterns. And our syllabus is really designed to take you to a higher level of learning.”

Mark Bennett, VP & General Manager

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