Aircraft Management

Performance Flight provides a variety of aircraft management services, which are tailored to your individual profile.

We serve the needs of small aircraft owners as well as those with larger planes requiring complete staffing solutions, each enjoying the benefits of our proactive approach using known international standards of operation.

Both pilot owners and non-pilot owners can take advantage of our programs to improve the operations of the aircraft and maintain fiscal responsibility. We have expertise in all areas of aircraft management allowing you to enjoy the ease of travel without operational consideration.


Aircraft Services

We adopt a proactive approach when it comes to our aircraft services, by staying ahead of the game and always keeping you informed. We handle maintenance and scheduled events well in advance to avoid any service disruptions.

Aircraft Acquisition

Performance Flight provides an array of services for clients seeking to purchase or sell an aircraft. Whether you’re seeking piston or turbine aircraft, we have the expertise to make the purchase or sale process as easy as possible—from buyer’s agent services to aircraft sales listings.

Pilot Services

Performance Flight provides a variety of pilot services options, giving you a versatile solution no matter how often you fly. We recruit only the best and ensure that they maintain currency standards and training regiments that exceed all standards.

Aircraft Maintenance

At Performance Flight, we realize aircraft are advanced pieces of machinery that require meticulous maintenance to keep them running at optimum levels. This requires expertise and maintenance tracking capabilities.

“Our philosophy is to protect your aircraft from the time it arrives to the time we sell it down the road. It's our goal to preserve its resale value, and by doing that, everything else falls in line.”

Chris Tremblay, Vice President of Operations