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Your Guide to the New Cirrus G7


Experience the G7 with Performance Flight

If you're a pilot or aviation enthusiast, the Cirrus G7 is an excellent choice for training or enjoyment! With unmatched performance, safety, and sophistication, we are pleased to announce the addition of both the SR20 and SR22 G7 to our training and rental fleet. We are proud to be the first company to offer a full fleet of G7 aircraft by this time next year!

As a team of pilots, we have thoroughly learned the new avionics to better teach our fellow pilots and students. We have paid meticulous attention to every detail to ensure that we understand how each change will impact pilots. Here are some of the key differences that we believe will have an impact on pilots.

Pilot Visibility has been improved with increased visibility over the instrument panel, which provides a superior sight picture.

The Automated Fuel Tank (AFSS) switches every 5 gallons and does not require a boost pump to be turned on.

The PFD and MFD size has increased, with the use of 14-inch displays that are 35% larger than the G6.

The Push Button Start Keyless requires you to push and hold to engage the starter. There is a separate ignition lockout key.

3D Safe Taxi provides 3D building footprints, including hangars, terminals, and towers, as well as taxiways, aprons, signs, and other markings.

The Checklist Scroll Wheel allows you to long-press the scroll wheel to display the previously engaged screen within MFW 1. CAS messages are now linked to the relevant checklists.

Synoptic Pages provide additional display and control information for system status, engine, fuel, electrical, and ice protection, making it easier to monitor essential windows.

User Friendly: Cup holders have been redesigned, and convenience outlets and headset jacks have been added for better passenger accessibility.

Flight Controls: A newly redesigned Side Yolk has a built-in Stick Shaker that activates at the first sign of a stall.

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