Performance Flight Simulator Coming Soon!


Elevate Your Training: Introducing the ALSim - A Breakthrough in Aviation Skill Development!

Benefits of training in the simulator:

Simulated flight training offers a range of valuable benefits for aspiring pilots. It helps with handling emergency situations and generates highly efficient methods for learning new procedures. Our decision to integrate the simulator into our training program stems from its ability to ensure true retention of aircraft avionics, featuring the Perspective+ Garmin (G6) system for an authentic learning experience. It provides a realistic environment, allowing pilots to practice various flight scenarios in a safe and controlled setting. It helps develop crucial skills such as cockpit familiarization, emergency procedures including simulated CAPS deployment, and instrument flying. The simulators advanced technology enhances the understanding of the aircraft systems and navigation in various weather conditions, contributing to overall proficiency. Additionally, its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional flight training can significantly reduce expenses making it great alternative. The ALSim will serve as a valuable tool in shaping competent and well-rounded aviators.

Features include:

-Aircraft Selections: Choose to fly between the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 G6

-Realistic Cockpit Experience: Perspective+ Garmin (G6) system for authentic feel

-Full Panoramic Visual System: 3 TV's that are 55" flatscreens

-CAPS: Cirrus Airframe Parachute System simulation

-Dynamic Weather Conditions: Train in various climates and challenges

-Performance Analytics: Track progress with detailed metrics

-Scaleable Scenarios: Tailor training from routine to emergency situations

-Wide Variety of Airport Selections: The ALSim offers 352 airports to fly out of including KHPN!

Get ready for the ALSim - a game-changer in aviation training. With immersive features and adaptability, it promises to help redefine pilot skill development, ensuring a more proficient future in the skies.

Stay tuned!