Developing Our New Performance Flight Syllabi


In my experience, creating a new syllabus for training (or creating any quality product really) must involve the rigor of a collaborative and skillful development. Only then will a syllabus be the best possible product for students ranging from those seeking their initial private pilot license; to those wishing to upgrade their skills to the commercial or jet aircraft level. Here at Performance Flight, we have a collection of professionals gathered from literally around the “aviation globe”; with an eclectic collection of skills and talents found nowhere else in the industry. I don’t say that lightly. We have experts in sales, FAA representatives, and those with extensive training and operations experience. They all came together to perfect some of the best syllabi I have ever seen. Months of research and internal review have brought us a new training process that is not only in strict accordance with the FAA’s Airman Certification Standards; it also blends a proprietary mixture of products that help our students to not only efficiently learn the material; but also helps them master it.

Our client focused and proprietary program: 1); Guides our instructors to skillfully bring out the best in our students. And it allows our students to hone their skills more effectively; both with the instructor or on their own through private study and on solo flights. And 2); our process provides professional growth for our instructors to continually sharpen their craft.

I’ve been in our great aviation industry for more than 35 years. And having flown more than 15 different aircraft, teaching and mentoring while executing world-wide missions and performing local flying training; I have seen several operations in the civilian and military training arena. Both systems produce stellar aviators. I believe some people think military training is this rigorous and sometimes unyielding environment that does not consider “the person” …. only mission. And conversely, others believe private civilian training is sometimes a less professional, arduous, and slow process, yielding a less capable aviator. As is usual in most assumptive situations, neither is true. Rather, it has been my experience that all the best qualities of understanding human behavior, technical competence, motivating excellence and promoting safety are the characteristics that are an integral part of any successful training program. The new syllabi at Performance Flight, incorporate all those qualities. Through the years and many hours of training pilots, my philosophy is one that does not believe in a simple repetitious, “one-size fits all” mentality. Instead, I believe a diverse mixture of tools that motivate a student’s own personal ability will bring about a wonderful and sometimes dramatic result. Along the way, I have searched for places that exemplify true caring and excellent results.

Here at Performance Flight, we truly mirror my belief of: Good, Better, Best; never let it rest until your good gets better and your better gets best!